In today’s world, it is important that Maria Montessori’s vision of tolerance, acceptance, love, appreciation of beauty, kindness, respect and peace is stronger than ever.  Our goal is to support children develop creatively, intellectually, emotionally and socially,  in order to prepare them for kindergarten.  Our two year program introduces children to a strong foundation of skills.  We welcome young minds and families to the joys of a Montessori education.

Although some believe that Montessori programs are structured environments, they are not.  Montessori methodology is child directed with the teacher as a guide, rather than other early childhood programs which are directed by the adults.  The Montessori approach fosters independence which promotes self-confidence. The confident child is more resilient, is able to problem solve, and is able to take learning and creative risks.  Self motivated learning is the core of the Montessori program and philosophy.  Students in our classroom move about freely, with our belief that children need to move, touch and experience in order to learn,  freedom within boundaries.  Socialization is also a major focus, guiding children on appropriate ways to make and keep friendships.  Along with traditional Montessori materials, we blend other inspirational teaching tools to merge and compliment the Montessori framework.  Our program is further enriched by our own cultural studies curriculum,  making ours a distinct and unique program. 

Traditionally, Montessori preschool had a three-year cycle which included Kindergarten.  The inception of all day Kindergarten has shortened preschool programs to two years.  Due to the reduced time frame, we offer a morning program for three-year-olds and an afternoon Kindergarten Prep class for four year-olds.  The Kindergarten Prep class is about preparing and adapting for that leap forward to big school.  First year morning students are given priority for registration into the K-Prep class.  The Prep class has been consistently popular for current and returning families for over ten years.  Space is limited. 

Strathcona Montessori preschool is nestled within the gated community of the Mau Dan Co-op Gardens in the historic Strathcona neighbourhood.  Located at 377 Keefer Street, we are centrally located with easy access from the East Village at Nanaimo and Hastings, Chinatown, Yaletown, Gastown and Vancouver City Centre. 

Covid-19 has everyone worldwide in an unprecedented area.  We have been in touch with Vancouver Coastal Health and Licensing.  We await news from the Health Minister about directions and steps to take next.  We must all use health and safety precautions and stay calm.  No one has any answers as yet.  All registered families will be contacted as soon as we given any news or direction.  Prayers and hugs help.  Stay safe

Space available for September 2020 (as of 26 Feb 2020).

Junior Kindergarten (12:30pm to 3:00pm): 5 afternoons a week (two spaces remaining)

Preschool Introduction (8:45am to 11:30am): 2 mornings a week on Tuesday and Thursday (three spaces remaining).  All three day and five day morning spaces are at capacity for September.


Registration for returning students, siblings and returning families, occurs in January for the school year starting in September.  Registration for new students opens in late January.  New families may leave a completed registration package at the school before registration dates.  Early registrations will be assigned a space as it soon as it becomes available. 

We hold an Open House once a year in early February.   If you miss the Open House, families are welcome to make an appointment to visit on another day.  Appointments are on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons, from 3:15pm to 4pm, when staff are available.  We do not make appointments for September, December or January. 

Morning classes run from 8:45am to 11:30am, with choices of five mornings a week, or intro preschool of two (Tues & Thurs) or three (Mon-Wed-Fri) mornings per week. 

Our Kindergarten Prep class runs from 12:30pm to 3pm.  The afternoon K-Prep class is only open to children who will be entering Kindergarten the following September.

Even after enrolment is full,  families move and openings become available.   If you would like more information,  a direct email link is located on our contact page, or you may call the preschool at the phone number listed below.  


telephone: (604) 569.2169