Strathcona Montessori preschool is nestled within the gated community of the Mau Dan Gardens in the historic Strathcona neighbourhood.  Located at 377 Keefer Street, Strathcona Montessori is centrally located with less than a ten minute drive to the East Village at Nanaimo and Hastings, and five minutes to Yaletown and Vancouver City Centre. 

Montessori methodology is a child-centred approach and is the core of our program and philosophy.  Along with a traditional Montessori education, we blend other inspired teaching materials, guiding strategies, and quality tools to merge and compliment the Montessori curriculum and framework.  Our program is further enriched by our own original materials, specialized curriculum, cultural studies and world celebrations, to make ours a distinct and unique program.  We have been called “the best kept secret in east Vancouver” by our families.

Traditionally, a Montessori preschool program had a three-year cycle which included Kindergarten.  The inception of all day kindergarten has shortened preschool programs to a two-year time frame.  Because of this, we offer a Kindergarten Prep class which focuses on children who will be entering Kindergarten the following year, and helping them to prepare and adapt.  The afternoon class is very popular with second year students and families.  Space for the afternoon class is limited as we do not accept any two day students. 

The goal of Strathcona Montessori is to help children develop creatively, intellectually, socially and emotionally in order to prepare them for kindergarten, and give them a strong foundation of skills for their future.  We welcome young minds to the joys of a Montessori education.



Registration for returning students, siblings and returning families, occurs in January for the following September.  Registration for new students opens in early February, unless a family has pre-registered for the upcoming year.  New families may pre-register by leaving a completed registration package at the school, which will be placed in queue according to when the registration was received.  Early registrations will be assigned a space as it soon as it becomes available. 

Even after enrolment is full,  families grow and move, and openings do come available.  Please keep in touch with us to learn about any recent availability.  We hold onto wait lists only for the current school year, and start a fresh wait list each year after registration is at capacity.  We do not roll over wait lists from year to year. 

We hold an Open House once a year in early February.  This year our Open House was held on February 4th.  If you missed the Open House, families can make an appointment to come and visit.  We book visits on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons, from 3:15pm to 4pm, when staff are available.  Appointments for family visits start in October and end in early June.  If you would like any more information, please contact Cynthia, by email or phone.  


telephone: (604) 569.2169