March 2018

We hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break.  Although the weather was not the best, we are hearing stories of adventures at home and also vacations in sunnier climates.  We hope everyone had an opportunity to spend lots of time with their family celebrating Easter and Passover during the break. We have also been hearing about egg hunts and lots and lots of chocolate.  

Before we left for the break, the children spent a great deal of time with paint and stencils making a wood egg ornament.  Every little chick popping out of its wood egg was adorable.  The children worked very hard on them and we know they will be displayed to celebrate spring and Easter for many years to come.  March was also spent with crushing dyed egg shells, a gross motor skill activity.  We save our used egg shells from home, clean the shells and remove the membrane, then allow them to dry. The shells are then dyed different colours and dried again. The children select their coloured shells and crush them using a mortar and pestle.  The crushed bits are then mixed with glue to make mosaic collages.  Nothing is wasted.  We had many days of stories about bunnies and leprechauns.  Everyone adores bunnies, but the stories about those tricky leprechauns were very popular as well.  Particularly with the four year olds.  We have a feeling that there will be tricks happening all year, not just on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Our continent studies have taken us all over North America and Europe.  The pre-K children have finished their Europe animal books and volcano nomenclature.  Both will be coming home in the next two weeks.  We returned to Italy during our last week before Spring Break for two days of pizza parties.  Yum!  Our travels will now take us to many fascinating places across Asia.  We will be meeting some very interesting and unique animals when our studies of Asian animals begins.  If anyone has something that they would like to share towards our studies, please feel free to contact us.  Any items loaned to the classroom will be given the utmost care.  If anyone is travelling and has an opportunity to do a little shopping, please let us know.  We may have a wish list for you to take with you.

April is Earth month, and so we will begin our recycling segment with the children bringing in clean items for the recycling bin.  We have a clean classroom bin and bags that we use to allow children to fill and sort, and this becomes part of the classroom materials for the month.  We will begin seedlings once the weather warms. Always busy times around here.

Our much anticipated Spring Tea will be held on Friday, May 25th.  All children should attend this day, even if they do not normally attend on Fridays.  A photographer will be in attendance for a group class photo of the children at the start of each class time. We open the doors shortly after for parents to come in for the tea, and also for a parent and child portrait (our gift to you).  Be prepared.  Each student is allowed one guest (parent or family member) for the tea, so please mark your calendars for this very important date.  So sorry, but we can only accommodate one guest per student.  Another big day is our school picnic, which has been booked and confirmed for Wednesday, June 20th.  All family members are invited to this event.  Sadly, this will be our last day together for the school year.  Notes and emails will be sent home closer to the dates outlining more details of the events.

Finally, we would like to welcome our many new friends registered for September.  We look forward getting to know all of you.