April 2018

These last months of classes will be very busy, packed with exciting curriculum and lots of projects.  Our continent studies of Asia have brought us to Japan.  Our art project was of Japanese blossoms made with tissue paper.  So simple and elegant.  The children also made homemade vegetarian sushi for snack.  Thank you Manami, our past practicum student and volunteer, for returning to us and spending a day showing us her kimonos and precious things from home.  Manami also brought in two extra pairs of Japanese geta shoes to add to our international children’s shoe collection.  The children learned all about the Boys and Girls days in Japan, the doll collections and how they are made, and kites and kite competitions.  Lots of fun.  Thank you for always coming back to us Manami.

We took a short break from Asia studies to begin our annual investigation into the season of spring, Earth awareness, and Earth Day (April 22nd).  Circles included discussions on what we can do and ways we can work to help keep our planet healthy, such as recycling, composting and planting trees.  We studied the Mobius Loop and what the number on the bottom of containers means.  Thank you for sending recycling items for us to do the recycling segment.  It gives more variety and practicality to the exercise.  We use clean items and recycling bins at Circle as a transition game and as a Practical Life exercise.  Composting is something we do throughout the entire year after snack, which reinforces what you are doing at home.  Spring covers new growth, plants, food and what we eat, insects, animals, bees and how they see … so many things.  We started our sunflower seedlings which quickly sprouted and have already been sent home.  We thank Evelyn and many years of students for sending us photos of their past preschool sunflowers that we show at Circle every year.  Pre-K students made Seasons booklets and Earth Day booklets, which were completed and sent home in April.  A very big job.

We are progressing with Phonics, Language Arts, Mathematics and our other curriculum areas.  Our pre-K friends have now brought home their continent books of the animals of Europe, and have started their books of Asian animals. Miss Stacy and Miss Lori and the pre-K children have dedicated the last three months to the alphabet book and CVC books.  Some are now making their way home.  Others will be coming along shortly.  We are amazed at the children’s commitment, so please take the time to go through their books with them.  We do not introduce the alphabet in chronological order, so your child’s booklet work may seem regressive at points.  If you look at the difference, you will see skill development.  We are amazed at the accomplishments our early readers have achieved.  Many things to discuss at Circle.  Every child absorbs something different from the lesson plans, depending upon age and developmental level, but every child has questions or observations.  Great work!

The annual Spring Tea will be held on Friday, May 25th.  The Spring Tea is a one day event, and we wish for all children to attend this day, even if they do not normally attend on Fridays.  We will be having our group class photos taken that day.  Our photographer Dee Lippingwell will be setting up the group class photos and also individual photos of each child with their attending parent.  These will be printed and returned to us before the end of the school year as a keepsake.  The children are to be dropped off at the usual time, and will have their class group photo done at the beginning of class, which will take about 45 minutes.  After the class photos have been taken, we open the doors for guests (parent, grandparent or caregiver), to have their photo taken with their child.  Guests may stay for the remainder of the class time for tea and a small bite to eat.  Sorry, only one family member per student.  Notices will be sent home this week, and are due back next week.

Thank you David for ordering a Scholastic book for the classroom from the last handout.  We will enjoy the book ‘A bike like Sergio’s’ for many years to come. The very last Scholastic order form of the school year will be going home next week, and due dates will be shortly after to ensure that all books are received before the summer break.

A very special thank you goes to our lovely mum Barbara, for helping a friend get to class.  Mum and Dad were short staffed and could not figure out a way to be two places at the same time.  We have all been there.  Thank you Barbara.  It takes a village.  Thank you everyone.  Your generosity is truly appreciated.

Please take note of the following dates:

  • There will be no classes on Friday, May 18th for the school district closure
  • Victoria Day is on Monday, May 21st, a long weekend for all Canadians
  • All children are to attend our annual Spring Tea and class picture day on Friday, May 25th
  • Tuesday, June 19th is our last day of classes. Our year end picnic will be held on Wednesday, June 20th, and it is our last day together.  Everyone is welcome on this day, the more the merrier.  More details to follow next month about this very fun day.