June 2018

This is our last newsletter for the school year.  Children get a break from school over the summer and parents get a break from newsletters.

The weather was perfect for an outdoor event or barbecue on June 17th, and we hope all our Dads and Grandfathers had a wonderful day.  The children made their Dads an amazing barbecue sauce.  Ingredients were counted and measured and poured and stirred.  The classroom smelled like summer barbecue as the pots simmered away on the cooktop.  The children bottled the sauce, but bottles were not processed so please keep them in the fridge.  These gifts came with a basting brush ready to get to work.  We did a test kitchen on the recipe at home and it is now a summer staple at our house as well.  Yum!

The year has flown by so quickly.  Every year starts with the ‘All About Me’ theme, autumn, seasonal changes, First Nations and Thanksgiving.  After we start our continent studies.  This year our travels took us into the continents of the Northern Hemisphere, North America, Europe and Asia.  We learned many things about Canada as well as other parts of North America, but a great deal of time was spent touring around our own city (through picture files of course).  After, we hopped the pond over to Europe and ended our travels in Asia.  Travels were from October through May, with stops in between for different events and themes.  Our ‘Celebration of Light’ series involved the Moon Festival, Diwali, Khushali Mubarak, Hanukkah, Christmas and Chinese New Year.  This series is to learn about cultures that may be different from our own, showing similarities rather than differences.  The focus of commonality is the family gatherings and light.  There is always light.  Miss Lori loves baking and the children were also busy bakers throughout the year.  A few tasty treats that went home were pumpkin scones, gingerbread, and chocolate dipped shortbread hearts.  Sushi was made when we traveled to Japan.  There were science ‘Show and Tell’ experiments and yoga led by Miss Stacy.  The photo of the year was of Tien doing downward dog.  We did lots of art, lots of sewing, Practical Life, Sensorial, math and language arts, singing and music.  We grew sunflowers and caterpillars, and tended to our classroom fish, Harriet (red), Marigold (yellow), and Oleander (blue).  We released butterflies, composted daily, and learned many new things about a healthy planet during Earth month in April.  We didn’t slow down for a second when our travels were complete.  Instead we went camping.  The afternoon class helped set up the eight person tent where we had Circle by flashlight over the next two weeks.  Everyone made felt raccoon badges and we even had a campfire outside where we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.  We set up a fishing lake at the water table.  We made flash cards of camping symbols and had question and answer Circles about safety.  Campfire safety, water safety, safety around animals, sun safety and bike safety.  And every year those x-rays from previous students turn up … Ouch!  Zia came to class this year sporting a neon pink cast.  The same cast and the same accident as Maya had last year.  Our last classes were spent celebrating summer birthdays with all our friends who wouldn’t be walking around the sun at school.  We all had a big surprise during the afternoon celebrations when Troy’s Dad showed up with a cotton candy machine.  Thank you Tony.  Everyone got to take a little bag home.  Extra clothing changes, indoor slippers, progress reports and file folders went home the last full week of classes.  2018 Tax Receipts went home in file folders with our friends who will not be returning in September.  Every child also received a book from the teachers on the last days.  A good book to read, some sunscreen, a cold drink and we are ready to start our summer break.

Our very last day together was the picnic and we had perfect weather.  A marvellous end to a brilliant year. We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful day.  Races and relays, pizza and potluck, snacks and chats. Hugs and goodbyes to many amazing families, and a few tears.  Some families we will see again with younger babes, while some have gone off with their youngest in tow.  It’s hard to believe that we have known some of these families for eight years.  Took every bit of strength not to let the water works flow.  Especially when mum shows up the day after the picnic with a few tears running her cheeks.  We all had a few tears later.  Huge praise and congratulations go to Leo’s mum for attending with Leo’s one day old sister.  One day old!  Our hats are off to you Candice. It was great to see everyone came prepared when the sun came out in full force.  Lucas’ family even had a small tent.  Ah-Mazing.  Thank you to George (Xavier) for making a quick run to the ice store for the picnic.  And thank you to Simon (Ruby) for helping top up the ice on a very warm day.  Thank you one and all for participating in all the events and for bringing such delicious dishes.

A big huge thank you to Miss Maria, our amazing volunteer.  The always smiling Miss Maria has a warmth, affection and sense of humour that are contagious.  We all look forward to her class days and the children absolutely adore her. See you in September Miss Maria.

We have made many friends, shared many stories and laughed a lot!  The success of the school year is due to the efforts of all. Thank you for your Scholastic Book orders.  Every order you send in to the preschool provides the classroom with points we exchange for more classroom books for the children. We all love books, and every order helps.  Thank you Violet and her mum Ana for donating a silk moth cocoon to our science cupboard.  It will be used for many, many years to come.  We have many words and symbols for weather that we have found useful over the years. Thank you Nicolas for introducing the word ‘breezy’ to our vocabulary of Circle weather words.  It shall always be referred to as ‘the Nicolas card’. Thank you for taking our shopping lists on your vacations to enhance our Cultural Studies program.  And we truly appreciate all the parents who come in and help with special Celebration of Light festivities, baking, art projects, concerts and events.  Thank you for the fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheeses, yogurt and treats in the community basket for the children’s snack each week. Thank you for participating and for giving your time. We are truly blessed with all the wonderful parents and grandparents in our school.  Thank you for all the lovely gifts, handmade cards and artwork, kind words and compliments, and generosity in so many different ways.  If we have forgotten to mention anyone, please forgive us and know we are always grateful for everything. To our friends who are moving away from us, you will be missed and we all wish you the very, very best. The five year-olds are also embarking on an exciting journey, but fear not.  You are so ready for Kindergarten!  For those friends who are returning, we will be sending you a note about the August drop-in day. We look forward to September and hearing about your summer adventures, and perhaps camping adventures.  We feel fortunate to have such wonderful families and children here.  You all add to making the school year special.  It really and truly does take a village.  Thank you so very much for being our village.

Wishing you a fun and incredible summer. Safe travels!

Miss Lori and Miss Stacy, our wonderful volunteer Miss Maria and Mrs.B (Cynthia)