December 2018

We have many Celebrations of Light in December. Christmas is a large part of our ‘Celebrations’and a topic of discussion throughout December.  The classroom is decorated.Lights have been strung and ornaments hung.  Every day the children are welcome to decorate the tree, as well as lace and decorate card ornaments.  We have many seasonal materials on the shelves which include counters and special Practical Life activities.  The children have had many opportunities to express their creativity this month.  They painted little wood sleds and then stamped them with snowflakes.  Pine cone baby ornaments were made with pine cones we collected all spring and autumn in the playground.  Every year the children warm up sheets of beeswax and roll them into candles.  Gingerbread ingredients were measured, mixed, rolled, cut and decorated.  The smell of the baking gingerbread made the classroom smell amazing.  Your children have been very busy.

Thank you Simeen(Aura’s mum) for coming in to celebrate Khushali with the afternoon class. The class made cards that were to be distributed to seniors in the community.Every child expressed personal wishes which were written into the card and then the outer card was decorated and glittered. We are very impressed with the understanding of all the four year-olds as not one asked to keep the card they had made. Very kind, and very thoughtful. Aura also brought in cookies and enough beads for all students to make a friendship bracelet to take home. Thank you Aura.

Thank you Oron (Indigo and Rye’s dad), for coming into class and helping us celebrate Hanukkah and read a Hanukkah story.  We had our menorah and candles out every day at Circle during the first week of December. We also played the dreidel game. Nothing,everything, half or give one. A very fun game filled with math. We have also been practising daily the Adam Sandler Hanukkah song (age appropriate of course) which you heard at the concert on December 20th.Needless to say the teachers have been having a good laugh with this very funny song (because we know the other verses) and can’t seem to shake the catchy tune. To add to the fun, we have a friend named Veronica in the afternoon class. This has been a very, very fun time.

The Celebration of Light celebrations are a very simple and age appropriate way to show children that we all have things in common, no matter where we come from, what we look like, or how we dress. Every big holiday or observance, we gather together to send out hopes and wishes, and we all display lights or candles. We all join together with friends and family. We give gifts. We share meals. We share ourselves with those we love and care about. We all think about loved ones who cannot be with us. We remember how fortunate we are and to be grateful for what we have. We think of those who have less and remember to be compassionate and generous. We hope these very simple lessons about kindness and acceptance have been an experience that the children will remember and expand upon throughout their lives. We will finish our Celebrations of Light in February with Chinese New Year.

January brings us a new year, and also brings us new friends. Welcome to all of the January start friends and families. We will also be having two new volunteers for a short duration. We welcome Jade who will be coming to us from England.  She is on a gap year and will be studying Early Childhood at university in England when she returns home.  Jade will be with us until the end of March.  We also welcome Sachi to the classroom.  Sachi will be coming to us through a grade 12 work experience program starting our first week back (her last week of winter break) in the afternoons,and then again during the last week of January.

Progress reports will be going out in early January. We have changed to a simplified format which will indicate your child’s progress in all areas of development.

Our last time together for 2018 was at the concert on Thursday, December 20th. What a wonderful way to finish off the year.  Miss Stacy and Miss Lori (our fabulous choir directors), with a good sense of humour and patience, practised with the children in preparation of the concert day.  Many parents would have known all the songs we were singing before stepping into the concert hall. We have heard back that the children have been singing the songs morning, noon and night. Remarkable for three and four-year-olds.  The children worked very hard and we are very proud of each and every one of them.  Thank you to all the parents, family members and friends who participated and joined in.  It is your participation that really makes the difference in the day.  The children were beaming brilliant smiles as they left the stage.  Thank you for all the tasty potluck contributions.   Thank you to all the parents who helped us stack all the chairs at the end of the concert. Many hands makes light work. We were cleaned up in record time this year. If we didn’t have the opportunity to say it in person, thank you for all the very kind and thoughtful gifts, and the beautiful handmade cards, and the lovely family photo cards. We truly appreciate all that you do. It takes a village.If anyone has a video or photos they would like to share, please send them to the school and we forward to all the families in January. We had a few families away that day, and you were all very much missed. We wish all of you, your families and loved ones, a safe and Happy Holiday. We look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year.

May peace and joy be yours, in this season of hope