February 2020

Our Celebration of Light series began with the Moon Festival, and continued with Diwali, Hanukkah, and Christmas.  Chinese New Year ends the series and every year the children cut out their own lantern (they are getting very skilled with scissors) and make a lucky red envelope (we always slip a chocolate coin inside the envelope to take home).  This year was the year of the Rat, and the cutest rat headbands were made by all.  The Celebration of Light series is always a lot of fun because we have clothing and shoes to try on, instruments to play, objects, toys and music, and pictures from around the world.  This year the art project for Valentine’s Day was a thumbprint heart fridge magnet.  If you are wondering why those tiny magnets are so powerful, check out Lee Valley and their rare earth magnets.  Amazing and powerful little things.  Every child also made a heart shaped shortbread cookie.  After they cooled down, the cookies were dipped in melted chocolate.  Baking projects are always sent home.  All teacher directed projects are meant to be fun and age appropriate for skill levels, but also involve motor skill development (rolling, cutting, stamping and painting).  Each project is multi-leveled for skill and dexterity advancement, as well as concentration and focus.  The children have a wide variety fine motor skill development activities to choose from; wood button sewing on fabric squares, grating nutmeg, ring and bracelet making with crystal seed beads, colour mixing with eye droppers, gluing with mini spatulas, and pin poking.  We see so much progress in the children’s abilities and also in their self-confidence.  Yoga and Friday afternoon dance parties are a favourite with the junior Kindergarten group (K-Prep) and a wonderful way to get the heart pumping or the mind calming, and always fun group social activities.  Great gross motor skill and muscle control development.  Phonics, language arts, and mathematics continue to be a group and individual focus until the end of June.  Practical Life, Sensorial and free art change through the seasons to keep interest.

Studies of Europe continues with a focus on animals.  Many of the older children are building the Roman Arch, which is a wooden block set that teaches problem solving, spatial recognition and Roman engineering.  Roman arches are everywhere, and the reason that ancient bridges still stand today.  Fascinating!  We have now started a look into the world and travels of the Vikings.  Another fascinating study of ancient cultures.  We work on all continent recognition through placement of animals that are native to the region.

Science Show and Tell will be occurring daily for both morning and afternoon classes until the Spring Break.  Don’t forget your child’s date, or call us if you need to change the date.  We want every child to have the opportunity to show their science skills. 

Tax receipts were sent out in the children’s folders last month.  If you cannot find your receipt, please let us know and we will issue a new one.  March is here.

Please return your child’s Progress Reports covering September through December, which were sent home in January.  We continue to use these reports as a way to monitor development.  They will be returned to you in June for you to keep. 

School will be closed during Spring Break, which runs from Monday, March 16th through to Friday, March 27th.  The next school closure after Spring Break will be the Easter weekend on Friday, April 10th and Monday, April 13th.  Please remember to forward Spring Break dates to family members, nannies and caregivers who come for pick-ups.  Our favourite place for art supplies or educational materials is Collins Educational (preschool to G7), by Fraser and Marine Drive.  We do not know of any other place in Vancouver that has this much quality selection with affordable prices for parents and teachers.  What to do, what to do? Look for the email attachment of our things to do for Spring Break.  Any ideas?  Send them to us and we will add them to our ‘What to do’ list.