March 2020

Dear parents,

Under normal circumstances we would be welcoming everyone back from Spring Break.  These certainly are not normal times.  We hope everyone is well and safe, and your families are safe too.

Our last date together was Friday, March 13th.  It seems so long ago, and yet not quite four weeks have past.  March was focused on Science Show and Tell.  You would have all been amazed at how the children watch so intently to every experiment.  Your heart would warm seeing each little scientist smile with pride at the end of their demonstration.  We are constantly talking to parents about what lies beneath an exercise, and the many things that are gained through working on them.  Science Show and Tell is another example of multi-layered learning.  This is not just learning about science; how things work, why things bubble, why things float, and why magnets work.  These are important steps for building curiosity and genuine self-confidence, as the recognition and praise is earned.  It takes a lot of courage for a three or four year old to get up in front of peers and do something completely on their own.  Not every child did a demonstration, but had the courage to let us know that they were not quite ready for this big step.  We are so proud of each and every one of them.  Lessons for life-long love of learning.  Don’t forget to download the March photo link.

We were inspired by the children of Italy who have been on lock down in their homes since the third week of February.  They have been making pictures of rainbows for their friends and neighbours to see, and raise spirits during very dark times.  Tutto andra bene.  Everything will be alright. Thank you everyone for sending in your child’s rainbow pictures so we could forward them on to all of their school friends.  Each picture was so original and amazing.  It made us happy to see everyone, and also made us realize how much you are missed.  The teachers sincerely miss all of the children.  We miss seeing all you parents too.  Please keep those rainbows coming.  Grazie.

We hope you will continue some Practical Life lessons while we are closed.  Remember that beading, push pin, eye droppers, gluing, and button sewing are all fine motor skill development exercises.  They are also skill development for hand-eye coordination, focus and most importantly, patience.  Imagine … all that with just a little button.  With skill development comes self-confidence.  Pouring, measuring, baking, counting, whisking.  It can get messy and that’s okay.  We learn by making mistakes.  Most children can use a hand broom and a dustpan.  Let them sweep up.  They can take a facecloth and wipe up a spill.  Skills are built over time.  They do not happen overnight, and they do not always happen when observed.  One day your child will do something that you had no idea they were capable of.  Let them make mistakes and let them clean up.  They will be more self-sufficient and more resilient.  “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

If you are looking for materials, please, please, please go to Collins Educational.  The more you look there, the more you will find.  Art materials, science, math, French, every curriculum area is covered.  Cardstock, crepe paper, construction paper, and glitter in small, medium, and large.  You will find so many things to keep children ages one through thirteen busy.  The age range is actually much, much higher as we adore this shop too.  This gem of a small business is owned by Connie, a local east Van gal.  During these times you should probably call first, (604) 325.5005.  The shop is located at 8358 St. George Street, just off Marine Drive by Fraser.  You will be so happy you went.

We hope that we will hear some positive news about returning to work and school, but it will not be this month and realistically, probably not next month either.  There are many government initiatives starting that are focused on helping Canadians through these times.  Many parents have asked about helping the teachers, of which we are truly grateful for your kindness and your thoughtfulness.  We worry about what the future holds for the school.  Being a private facility, we do not receive any government funding or grants, and must compete for enrolment with some of the most heavily funded facilities in the city, just a few blocks away.  Some parents have mentioned a fundraiser, but the only thing we ask is for you to return when we open again.  Please continue to support us, so we may continue to support your children.

We send our best wishes and prayers to all families observing Easter, Passover, Vaisakhi, and Ramadan.  Although we cannot have friends and family over to celebrate in person, we can still have them near through technology.  Isn’t that wonderful?   We all look forward to being together again.  Keep in touch.  Enjoy time with each other.  Dr. Bonnie says, “Bend the curve, not the rules”.  Stay home.  Be safe.

Tutto andra bene

With great affection to all,

Miss Lori, Miss Stacy, our wonderful volunteer Miss Maria, and Mrs.B (Cynthia)