June 2020

This is the last newsletter for the school year.  The year always passes by so quickly, and this year’s closure has shortened our time even more.  We re-opened on June 1st (the longest Spring Break in history) with shorter attendance and days, new rules, and so much more hand cleaning.  We have never seen so many children race through the doors to get INTO school.  The past few months have taken a toll in many ways, and the stability of a few weeks of school made all the difference in the world.  So many parents commented on the calming change within a few days.  We all need to feel secure and be reassured.  Our usual send off to summer has always been the big sports day and picnic event. With just students, parents and teachers we are around 150 people, so it was not to be (this year).  On the plus side, we are very thankful to be back in class and able to say goodbye to many of our friends in person.  We look forward to next year’s picnic.  As always, every child is leaving with a gift book and a bubble wand from the teachers.  We will miss the hugs.  The end of this school year has been bittersweet.  Mostly sweet.

We barely got rolling, so there wasn’t a lot of time, but everyone still managed to get a Dad Day project completed.  Hopefully the ‘Guess who loves you’ Lego puzzle was a hit!  June classes held a lot of outdoor time and dance parties (indoor and outdoor).  A lot of beading, and a little bit of sewing.  A lot of pin poking and so much socializing.  It has been a great three weeks.  Miss Lori and Miss Stacy made chocolate brownies for a snack treat during the last week.  Sorry, no leftovers.

We thank Miss Maria, our much loved volunteer.  Always smiling, and always laughing.  Maria’s patience and love for the children shows, because they all love her back.  Thank you Miss Maria.  We also thank Miss Jin our practicum student who has been with us since the beginning of the year.  Jin has been teaching for many years overseas, and will be completing her Montessori practicum in September.  Miss Jade has finished her first ECE university year, and will be returning to visit us again in the spring.  Miss Jade lives in Bath, England and did her pre-ECE time with us last year.  Our classroom Paddington bear actually came from Paddington Station!  Thank you Jade.  We look forward to all of us spending time together next year.

We are working towards implementing a Before and After School program for Strathcona Montessori students who have completed the two year program, and are leaving for Kindergarten (a nice segue).  Opening any Licensed child care program requires a lot of working parts and permits, and so many different government offices and departments.  We hope all will go smoothly.  The plan is to have the program up and running starting September 2021.  Fingers crossed.

The success of the school year is due to the efforts of all.  We truly appreciate all the parents who come in and help with special Celebration of Light festivities, baking, art projects, concerts and events.  Thank you for the fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheeses, yogurt and many treats in the community basket for the children’s snack each week.  Thank you for participating and for giving your time.  We feel blessed with all the wonderful parents and grandparents in our school.  Thank you for all the lovely gifts, handmade cards and artwork, kind words and compliments, and generosity in so many different ways.   To our friends who are moving away from us, you will be missed and we all wish you the very, very best.  Also embarking on their next exciting journey are the five year-olds, who are so ready for Kindergarten  For those friends who are returning, we will be sending you a note about the drop-in day the week before school starts.  We look forward to September and hearing about your summer adventures.  We are saying goodbye to so many wonderful families this year.  Some families have been with us for many, many years.  We feel like we are a part of your family now too.  Thank you for entrusting your beautiful children to us and enriching our lives in so many ways.  You will all be missed and are always welcome to come and visit.  Thank you for the memories.  Wishing you a summer full of wonder.