January 2021

January 2021 has flown by. This month we welcomed our January start children and look forward to making new friends. We started 2021 with studies of winter, animals and hibernation. The junior kindergarten class have been working on hibernation booklets and pages have been going home throughout the month. Sadly we are unable to make small world snow scenes, dinosaurs in ice and homemade snow that everyone would share. Instead we have used blue, white and clear water beads with penguins which all can be washed and re-used. Playdough is still being used with personal dollops of dough each placed into small jars with each child’s name on the lid. This year we have to think outside of the box in order to make as much normal as possible. South America was our continent study in autumn. We started our journey into Africa this week. Miss Stacy started teaching one of our favourite African songs ‘Funga Alafia’, which we know you will be hearing at home. It is a really catchy tune that you’ll be humming all day.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_7UUA7oM5w

Tax receipts went home last week in your child’s file folder. If you cannot find your receipt or accidentally tossed it out (it happens), or there is a mistake (that happens too), please let us know and another will be made for you. Progress reports were sent home in early January. Most have been returned, but some are still lagging behind at home. Please bring the reports back so we may continue to keep records of your child’s work in the classroom. They will be returned to you in June.

Reminders of upcoming school closure dates go home this week in the home folders
– Friday, February 12th (district wide schools closure day)
– Monday, February 15th (BC Family Day holiday)
– Monday, March 15th to Friday, March 26th (Spring Break)

All district schools throughout Vancouver close for Spring Break. Independent and private schools may have slightly different dates, but it will all be happening in March. To keep our Covid numbers going down we still need to maintain social distance and stay close to home. Venues that are allowing restricted numbers of families will get sold out quickly. Try Pinterest for creative activities, crafts and ways to spend the days. 

It’s almost that time of year again! Science Show and Tell is in the first two weeks of March, right before Spring Break. Notices of specific themes and times will be sent home in mid-February, along with your child’s experiment demonstration date. School closes for spring break right after, so there will not be any time to make up missed days. Please make a note of your child’s date on the calendar. Do a little research on the topic (keep it simple) and allow your child to practice at home so they will feel confident demonstrating their experiment to the class. We will of course be there to help assist them. All Show and Tell items should be age appropriate and safe (no sharp edges or easily breakable).

Don’t forget to download the photo link that is attached to the email. You have seven days and then it’s gone for good. After ten months of staying at home and social distancing, some parents were wondering if children tidying up was an urban myth.  You will see amazing things such as children cooperating and putting toys away. Download that photo link!

We say goodbye to January and now welcome February.