Spring Break 2021

Schools across the city and most of the province close for Spring Break this Friday.  Our Covid manners from last summer will continue to serve us well at this time;

  • Check before you go, respect travel advisories
  • Bring your own supplies, go prepared
  • Fewer faces and bigger spaces
  • Wear a mask, wash your hands, keep a safe physical distance
  • If you’re sick, stay home

It was almost a year ago when we discovered that a bubble could have a different meaning.  Yup!  It’s been a year.  We all have Covid-exhaustion, and still have a ways to go.  Many of us have vulnerable persons in our lives whom we must continue to protect, and our bubbles must remain tiny.  We hope next year will be very different and we can share our collective ‘Things to do and places to go’ list (from many creative parents over many years … decades actually). 

Please make note of these upcoming dates:

  • Spring Break: March 15-26
  • Good Friday: April 2nd
  • Easter Monday: April 5th

Spring Break will be different this year. However, this is a wonderful opportunity to create new traditions.  We live in an amazing city with so many outdoor spaces to discover.  Try looking at the Lower Mainland as you would for the first time and become a tourist in your own town.  Bring a picnic with you.  Take pictures.  Don’t forget there are great places like Bee Cee Wicks, Collins Educational and Michaels out there for craft materials, games and science tools.  Looking for fun crafts and experiments?  The one word answer is Pinterest.  There are endless things to do and books to read and places to go.  Bored just means that you don’t know what to do next! 

Stay local.  Support local.  Have an absolutely fabulous Spring Break.