March 2021

March starts out every year with Science Show and Tell.  It is always a fun and exciting time.  All first year morning children work within the theme of ‘Sink and Float’, second year morning students have ‘Magnetic and Non-Magnetic’, and the pre-Kindergarten children had the theme ‘Heat, Light & Colour’.  The teachers also did a demonstration using a candle carousel, showing how heat produces energy.  No matter how many years we have done this, we always learn something new.  Teachers love to learn too.  Often there is similarity in the experiments, but the effects of each individual one is exciting and any repetition reinforces the reactions of elements and materials.  It is truly a remarkable sight to see the concentration of each little scientist and the spellbound attention of their audience.  We take a few pictures of every student which will be included in the secure link sent to all families.  We are so impressed with each and every junior researcher.  They all showed self-confidence and pure joy in the experience.   

Many push-pin exercises, button sewing and ring beading projects go home throughout the year.  These activities help develop patience and concentration, as well as fine motor skills and strength (pre-writing competency).  Each activity is multi-layered, helping children to hone skills as they head towards Kindergarten.  Yoga is an ongoing interest in which we see the progress of skills in balance, concentration and the ability to follow direction.  Math is a very popular area of the classroom these days for both morning and afternoon classes.  The small kitchen area continues to be a regular hang out.  We have shelved the orange juice squeezing and carrot peeling for now and moved onto cucumber slicing.  Free art, painting, cutting, paper punching, Practical Life and water exercises continue to be favourite work.  Practical Life shelves have real working tools that help children feel empowered.  If you want to sidestep some power struggles and set your child up for a lifetime love of learning, skip the tablets and educational products.  You can give your child an opportunity to show you what they can do.  Proud of their abilities, they will take learning and creative risks.

We have now completed our studies of Africa.  We travelled to deserts and mountains, built our own small world savannahs and discovered fascinating wildlife.  Through our discussions and stories at Circle, we met many children who live in Africa and learned how precious water is.  Every child made a wooden spoon hand drum and painted stripes with the colours of Africa.  The symbols of ancient hieroglyphic language was discovered when we studied ancient Egypt.  Every child had the opportunity to match their name to the hieroglyphs and took home a sample.  The pre-K class worked hard on their African animal books, which were sent home as they were completed.  We see great progress in fine motor skills.  All that beading and pin poking really helps with fine motor skills.  Africa has been an exciting journey.  Soon our focus will be on spring, recycling, and Earth Day.  Next on our travel ticket is the very exciting continent of Australia, and all the amazing wildlife.  Welcome to the land down under.

We hit the ground running when as soon as we returned from Spring Break with Easter on the following weekend.  Easter collage was a huge hit as well as dying eggs and making a bunny.  That pretty egg was hard-boiled and will be ready for the compost any moment now.  Take a photo and say goodbye to that egg.  However, the cloth used to make the bunny is 100% cotton and can be used for many things.  The most exciting part of Easter is the egg hunt.  We had an egg hunt each morning and afternoon on the last two days of classes before Easter.  Regardless of how many eggs were collected, only a few were handed out at the end of class.  The remaining eggs were donated to a local neighbourhood egg hunt.

Upcoming dates to make note of:

  • School will be closed on Monday, April 26th (district wide closure date), and Monday, May 24th (Victoria Day). Please remember to forward dates to caregivers who come for pick-ups.
  • Sadly, our annual Spring Tea is cancelled this year. Fingers crossed for 2022.  Our year end picnic has also been cancelled.  The last days of classes are Wednesday, June 16th and Thursday, June 17th.  We are still working out details to end the year on a high note with just the children in attendance (sorry … no Mums and Dads).  More details to follow next month.

On a different note, our long journey (which began in 2017) to open an after school program is nearing its end.  We are at the final code review and applying for our building permit to install a sprinkler system and other upgrades.  As soon as our renovations are complete, we will be offering out of school care to students who have attended our two year program.  The wheels move slowly and it is uncertain as to an exact date when the program will open.  Please let us know if you are interested, and we will put your name on the list for updates.