Fee Schedule




A registration fee of $90.00 and one full month tuition deposit are due at the time of each yearly enrolment, along with post-dated cheques dated from September 1st through to May 1st of that school calendar year. Registration fees and one month tuition deposits are non-refundable. The one month tuition deposit will be used as June tuition. We accept a select number of January start enrolments for each year. This allows children born early in the year to start preschool when they turn three.  A space is secured once a registration package is returned with all forms completed, tuition payments and registration fee are received.

A non-refundable Registration Fee of $90.00 and full yearly tuition payment is due at the time of enrolment.

2 Days – Tuesday & Thursday (for AM class only)

$2950.00 year or $295.00 monthly

3 Days – Monday, Wednesday, Friday (AM or PM classes)

$3650.00 year or $365.00 monthly

4 Days – Monday to Thursday (for PM class only)

$4350.00 year or $435.00 monthly

5 Days – Monday to Friday (AM or PM classes)

$4850.00 year or $485.00 monthly

Morning class hours are from 8:45am to 11:30am.  Afternoon class times are from 12:30pm to 3pm.

At the time of enrolment parents sign a contract agreeing to the hours of operation of the school.  To ensure the program runs smoothly for all children in all classes, parents and caregivers must be punctual.  If a child is picked up late more than three times, the family will be charged a late fine to promote punctuality, in fairness to the other children and families enrolled.  If parents or guardians appear to have difficulty adhering to class pick up times on a regular basis the staff will discuss other options.  Options may include withdrawal from the program if the family or caregivers are finding it difficult to be consistent with the school schedule.

Tuition is based on a yearly fee, which can be made in monthly installments.  Exemptions from tuition are not available for absences (including illness or vacation), absenteeism, epidemic health issues, weather closures or closures listed on the School Calendar or Newsletter.

Returned cheques are subject to a penalty of $40.00 each.