April 2022

Dear parents,

The school year is moving quickly towards the end and we are all surprised how the time has flown past. The teachers are already getting a little sad as the afternoon gang will be leaving our nest and off to Kindergarten.  However it will be very busy during these last few months of classes with exciting curriculum and projects.

Continent studies of Asia is near completion with a tour of Japan. Our art project was koi fish kites on fishing rods.  The rods came from our bamboo plants in the playground and bodies made from recycled card rolls.  The tail streamers were long strips of tissue that make the fish appear to be jumping around in the water. The children had a lot of fun with a wide variety of classroom objects from all over the Asian continent. We have fans, clothing items, geisha dolls, tea sets, kimonos, kites and fans for the children to use or touch. The most sought after items are the child size Japanese geta shoes. Just about every child wanted a turn trying them on and walking around. Children make it look so easy (it’s really not). The afternoon class will be bringing their study of Asian animal booklets home very soon. Children’s Day is celebrated all over Japan (May 5th) and a great opportunity for parents to investigate child focused Japanese culture with your children.

We took a short break from Asia studies to begin our annual investigation into the season of spring, Earth awareness, and Earth Day (April 22nd). Circles included discussions on what we can do and ways we can work to help keep our planet healthy. Recycling, composting and planting trees were topics of discussion. We studied the Mobius Loop and what the number on the bottom of containers means. Thank you for sending recycling items for us to do the recycling segment. It gives more variety and practicality to the exercise. We use clean items and recycling bins at Circle as a transition game and as a Practical Life exercise. Composting is something we do throughout the entire year after snack, which reinforces what you are doing at home. Spring lessons cover new growth, plants, food and what we eat, insects, animals, bees and how they see … so many things. We started our sunflower seedlings which quickly sprouted and have already been sent home.

Every child absorbs something different from the lesson plans, depending upon age, developmental level and interest, but every child has questions or observations. Many things are discussed at Circle. We are progressing with Phonics, Language Arts, Mathematics and our other curriculum areas. Our pre-K friends brought home CVC booklets before Spring Break. We are amazed at the accomplishments our early readers have achieved.

The classroom always has new activities, but also returning activities. Carrot peeling has been a returning favourite. Time to get these little chefs helping at home. Thank you Malia for the donation of a wood play toaster for the children’s kitchen corner. It is being used daily. Spring has now brought us rainbows. The children are learning the sequential colours and filling in rainbow print-outs and beading rainbow rings and bracelets.  The easy way to remember the successive colours is with the acronym of ROY-G-BIV (red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet).  You may need to know these tidbits of information as rainbows are extremely popular, and you are bound to be quizzed at home.  Thank you Grace for bringing delicious yummies and freshly cut lavender from your European vacation, making our classroom smell like summer. This is our second batch of fresh lavender from France.  The aroma from lavender is supposed to have a calming effect.  Thank you to Grace and Alistair for giving the teachers these precious moments of serenity.

The weather is starting to warm and outdoor lessons and activities will be happening more often. There is a lot going on in April, May and June, so it’s good to have yoga regularly to bring some inner peace. This week Mother’s Day gifts will be going home (zero-waste Mama gift), as well as notices for the annual (and really fun) Teddy Bear Picnic Day at the end of May.  Please ask us, call or email if you have any questions.

Several times a year Scholastic Book club catalogues are sent home in the children’s folders. For families that will be entering French immersion in September, this is an opportunity to look through the selection of French primers, as well as more advanced for older ages. Families can order online by credit card and have your order delivered directly to your home.  Please use our class code for free delivery with a minimum purchase, or a small shipping charge will be added.  We gain classroom book points from all purchases but do not profit financially.

Please take note of these future dates (to the school year end):

  • Monday, May 23rd … Victoria Day Holiday (school will be closed)
  • Friday, May 27th … Teddy Bear Picnic (all students to attend … notice sent home this week)
  • Wednesday, June 22nd … last day of classes
  • Thursday, June 23rd … Family Picnic & Sports Day (all families & students to attend … more info in June)

Looking back two years ago today, we were starting our second month of pandemic lock down.  Now we realize how important social gatherings are for everyone, young and old.  Thursday, June 23rd will be our last day together for this school, our outdoor picnic venue has been booked, and we are already planning for this wonderful day together.  This will be our first group gathering since December 2019 (it feels like forever).  These gatherings are so much fun, so important, and have been deeply missed.  We hope everyone can attend.  Invite the grands, family and friends.  All are welcome.