February 2023

February is always busy and seems to fly past.  Our studies on Africa were reflected through songs, music, tapping beats on African drums, books and pictures.  Our favourite song was ‘Funga Alafia’, an echo song that is perfect for preschool.  We have had many stories at Circle about life in different parts of Africa, told in the words of children who live there.  We learned of families having to walk many miles for water, balancing the full water jugs on their heads, as they make their way back home.  We talked about that one in every six people on Earth do not have access to clean drinking water, and many of these people live in Africa.  The classroom took on an African theme as many African animals materialized on work trays, mystery bags and sorting activities.  The interactive African small world tray was a huge hit, with its many animals and natural materials for every child to create their own African savannah.  The children made an African sunset collage for the art project, and the pre-K children made an African animal booklet.  All have been sent home for your enjoyment.  These travels across the African continent have introduced us to many animals and some incredible facts.  Fun fact.  Do you know how to tell the difference between an African elephant and an Asian elephant?  An African elephant’s ear is the same shape as the African continent.

Valentine’s Day is also a big event, and a lot of fun.  Hearts were to be found all over the classroom, in counting activities, practical life and water activities.  Sewing, collage, weaving, and lacing were all heart themed.  The children decorated bags to hold the Valentines, cards and small treats they exchanged with friends.  The main art project was a heart shaped bird seed feeder for all the hungry little winter birds out there.  Even if you don’t have a tree at home, you can hang it from a tree in the park.  The Valentine dance parties were enjoyed by all with songs inspired by sweets such as ‘Sugar’ by the Archies (very vintage).  We all enjoyed making heart shaped shortbread.  Sprinkled with coloured sugar, they were pretty and yummy.  Busy month.  Thank you again for all the darling handmade cards and the many Valentine gifts.  Kind thoughts are always appreciated.

February is also considered to be one of the best months for citrus fruit, and the only time to see Seville oranges in local fruit stands (that one is for marmalade lovers).  A new exercise this month was orange juicing, teaching where juice comes from and how it’s made, along with some gross motor skill development.  It doesn’t start out in a bottle.  Orange juicing takes a bit of work, but well worth the effort.  Nothing like freshly squeezed orange juice.  Yum. This exercise was so popular that we went through about 30 pounds of oranges.  With all these culinary talents building at preschool, it might be time to put the children to work at home.  Whisking, grating, juicing, stirring, blending, peeling, pouring and rolling dough.  These children have skills.  If you compare in-class photos from just a few months ago, you will see the advancement of work chosen.  As skill levels are gained, so does the self-confidence and the willingness to try more complex projects and activities.

Beading, ring making, and sewing buttons continue to be favourite small motor skill activities, which also build concentration skills.  In the end, a lovely work of art goes home with a very proud student.  Yoga has been very popular this month, along with other listen and follow activities.  New activities come into play every month.

This late month down pour of snow brought out the maple syrup and the children made snow candy.  Cook up maple syrup and then drizzle it onto cookie sheets of freshly fallen snow.  Let it cool off and enjoy.  Very, very, Canadian!  Although we love snow candy, let’s all hope that this is the end of the snow.

February ends and the first weeks of March get us into Science Show and Tell experiments.  Science Show and Tell will continue until Spring Break.  School will be closed for Spring Break from March 13th through to March 24th.  School re-opens at 8:45am on Monday, March 27th.