June 2022

Hello families!

This is the last newsletter for the school year.  Time seems to pass so quickly and now here we are saying “have a great summer”, “see you in September”, and “have a great Kindergarten year”.

We finished our continent studies of the northern hemisphere in May.  Our last month of the school year always has a different sort of theme, and this June it was camping.  Instead of the typical Circle area, we set up a tent that sleeps 8 to 10 people.  Friends hung out, did art, read books, told stories by flashlight and of course stretched out.  We even had an outdoor rock campfire for making s’mores (contained in a cast iron pan of course).  There were discussions of camping, woodland creatures and how to be kind to the forest, earth and animals.  We also chatted about what to do if you see a bear …. make noise, look big, but do not run!  We always try to make a ‘Small World’ whenever it is possible.  Dollhouse lawn was used as the perfect height green ground for all those little animals, wood bits, rocks, pebbles, mini trees and moss.  The children show such imagination creating different landscapes and land forms.  All of this held on a tray big enough to have two friends at a time working with the pieces.  A very popular activity.  The children also made a very cute little fox wallet from felt fabric just big enough for a few coins.  A great place for holding summer gelato money.  We have been waiting for warm weather all June, but it rarely appeared.  We took advantage of the few sunny days we had by setting up outdoor practical life activities.  The children lined up the classroom chairs in the playground, got buckets of soapy water and went to work.  It was hard and messy work, but somehow everyone had a lot fun and plenty of laughs.  The summer group birthday parties were loads of fun and very busy.  Families joined together to make ice cream sundae bars and cupcake decorating stations.  Every child was very impressed.  Teachers too.

We had a flood from an apartment above the preschool in early June.  As Murphy’s Law would have it, the water poured directly over the school storage library.  We salvaged what we could and hopefully some will make the cut, but we lost almost 300 lovelies.  Drying books were stretched about the classroom for about a week as we went through the slow process of recovery.  The children were saddened by the books and talked of better ways to treat books because books are special.  A positive and unexpected result.  Thank you Ella, Erik and Max for your generous and thoughtful gift card to Massy Books to help restock.  We look forward to re-building with some of the many amazing choices (we love books).  Thank you to all the families who offered donations and help.  We feel very fortunate and are very grateful to everyone.

The Father’s Day 2022 project was interactive (good) and edible (even better).  The children all measured out ingredients and poured them into a 1L canning jar to make a cookie mix.  Something Dad can make with the kids.  Instructions are inside the jar, but if you use small eggs you will need two.  Super easy and super yummy.  Hope everyone enjoys the delicious end results.

We have not had a year-end picnic and sports day since 2019.  Three years!   It truly is the perfect way to end the school year.  We all enjoyed chatting with everyone and spending the day socializing.  This year-end gathering has been missed, but we didn’t realize how much until that day.  Turns out that the little things really are big things.  Fun races and relays, wonderful potluck dishes from all the families, lots of pizza, a beautiful sunny day with wonderful people and delightful children, and bubbles everywhere. Thank you Laura, Luke and Malia for offering the pop-up tents in case of rain … it feels good to know that you have us covered. :0)  Thank you to all the parents who offered to help with set-up and clean-up.  Thank you for all the wonderful potluck dishes and drinks and ice and snacks that made the lunch so special.  Many friends were off to see family living far, far away, and you were missed.  Aside from missing friends, it was a great day all around.  Perfect in fact.

Everyone plays a part in the success of the school year.  Thank you Miss Maria, our amazing and very helpful junior Kindergarten champion. Her sense of humour is infectious (a good transmission) and the children absolutely adore her.  Miss Maria was sad that she could not attend the picnic this year to say goodbye, but sends lots of hugs.  See you in September, Miss Maria.  Thank you all for the fruit, veggies, crackers, cheeses, yogurt, treats and home baking in the community basket for the children’s snack each week.  Thank you for all the lovely gifts, handmade cards, artwork, kind words and compliments, and generosity in so many, many different ways.  Thank you to all family members for your support that went above and beyond, and did not go unnoticed.  We are privileged to have such wonderful families in our school.  During the pandemic, caution and thoughtfulness kept us safe through the worst months.  This also did not go unnoticed.  Looking back to May of 2020, children in Italy started painting rainbows all over the country with the motto ‘tutta andra bene’, everything will be alright.  The children who are leaving for Kindergarten also worked on rainbow art which we shared with each other, and some families and children in Italy.  A global work of hope.  The children were right.  Everything is alright.  We are in constant amazement.

The end of the school year is always bittersweet.  As always, every child is leaving with a gift book (we hope they love books as much as we do) and a bubble wand (everyone loves bubbles) from the teachers.  We reflect to every single child on their first days and weeks and how far they have come since then.  Makes us a little misty.  This year we say goodbye to many wonderful families.  Some families have been with us for many years with many children, and we feel like they are a part of our extended family.  Thank you for entrusting your beautiful children to us and enriching our lives in so many ways.  You will all be missed.  Feel welcome to come and visit anytime, and pop a note through the mailbox in the summer.  We wish you all the very, very best. The five year-olds are leaving on an exciting journey to Kindergarten.  It’s a big leap forward that they are ready for.  For those friends who are returning, we will be sending you a reminder about the drop-in day (September 1st) before school starts. We look forward to September and hearing about your summer adventures, camping trips and perhaps showing the adults how to make the best s’mores.  We all have another year of memories.  It takes a village. Thank you for making this village so special.

Wishing you a summer full of wonder and awe.