June 2023

This is our final newsletter for this school year.  Continent studies ended in May with Australia. We always have a few different, returning, and new activities up our sleeves for the rest of the school year.  Every year the school chairs go outside and are given a good scrub.  All of the children enjoy doing this on a sunny day.  What’s not to like?  You have sunshine, water, bubbles and friends.  The chairs get a little cleaner, and everyone has fun.  Warm weather gets us thinking about all the activities we can do outdoors.  Water, bubbles, even snack.  When the clouds came back, indoor activities continued with a new focus, one being the ocean collage with sea creatures and glittery waves.  There is no limit to collage with a Cricut and the children often have special requests.  A few friends have been to Paris and enjoyed the Eiffel Tower collage when we were studying Europe.  Such good memories.  Dance parties continued right up to the last day of classes.  Some children can really bust a move, and have favourite dance songs and get that cardio to a new level.  It was an amazing year right up to the very last minutes.

There were two Father’s Day projects at school this year.  Sadly one did not work out.  We did many samples before going through the journey with the children.  Our samples worked out very well, but somehow all of the children’s cracked. You will see plenty of photos on the link with the children working hard on little clay dishes, pressing sprigs of rosemary and painting them with tea for a slight stain.  Same clay recipe, same size, same rosemary shrub.  Maybe it was the humidity.  No idea why they didn’t work out, but that’s just the way it works sometimes and a good life lesson. The little bakers saved the day and jumped in to make their Dad the jumbo cookie.  We hope every Dad and Grandad had a wonderful Father’s Day.

Our year end family picnic and sports day is always a great event for the entire school.  We discovered for all of the cancelled picnics and get-togethers throughout Covid, that the little things really are the big things.  We really enjoy having a little social time with all the families.  We still don’t get as much time as we would like, but are grateful for a few moments here and there.  Fun races and relays, wonderful potluck dishes from all the families, lots of pizza, a beautiful day with wonderful people and delightful children, and bubbles everywhere. Thank you Malia and family for offering to come early for set-up.  Thank you to every family for all the wonderful potluck dishes, desserts, snacks, drinks and ice that made the lunch so special.  The most suitable comment we overheard concerning the potluck lunch was, “Quite the impressive spread happening here”.  So true.  Deeeee-licious!  Thank you for all the very thoughtful gifts, handmade lovelies, amazing cards, and creative pieces of artwork.  We cherish every item and appreciate every kind word.  Many a card brought tears to our eyes.  Thank you Afton for the wonderful book, ‘A girl and the Dinosaur’.  It will be read to and enjoyed by the future students for years to come.  Some friends were off to other parts of the world or visiting family, and you were missed.  The sun was out, we had great company, and amazing food.  Every child attending received a bubble wand.  The blue sky filled with bubbles and it was just a little bit magical.  Aside from saying goodbyes, it was a perfect day.

After many years and many children, we all say goodbye to Miss Lori and wish her well and lots of restful times in her retirement (as if Miss Lori could ever slow down).  Miss Lori won’t be far away as you will still see her strolling the neighbourhood with Dash.  We will always remember Miss Lori’s insightful lessons and comments, baking, and dance parties.  Thank you Miss Lori.  It has been an enjoyable journey for all of us.  You will be missed.  Miss Stacy, Miss Maria and Mrs. B will be returning in September along with Miss Sally, the new addition to our teaching family.  We will also have another teacher joining this September (TBA).

The end of the school year is always bittersweet.  We send every child off with a gift book from the teachers.  We hope that they have learned to love books and stories as much as we do.  We reflect on each child during their first days and weeks, and how far they have come since then.  Makes us misty.  This year we say goodbye to many wonderful families.  Some families have been with us for many years with many children, and we feel like they are a part of our extended family.  Thank you for entrusting your beautiful children to us and enriching our lives in so many ways.  You will all be missed and remembered.  Feel welcome to come and visit anytime, or pop a note through the mailbox in the summer.  The five year-olds are leaving on an exciting journey to Kindergarten.  It’s a big leap forward that they are ready for.  Returning friends will be sent updates early by early July and again in early August. We look forward to September and hearing about your summer trips and adventures.

It has been a busy year with many changes, wonderful stories and fond memories.  We wish you all the very best with heartfelt gratitude.  It takes a village.  Thank you for being such a truly wonderful village.

Have a safe summer full of wonder and awe.

Miss Lori and Miss Stacy, our amazing volunteer Miss Maria, and Mrs.B (Cynthia)