March 2022

We hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break.  Although the weather was not the best, we have heard so many stories about adventures at home, and long awaited vacations outside of the country.

We were very busy with Science Show and Tell right before the break.  It was two weeks of very interesting demonstrations and loads of fun.  Lots of things sinking.  Lots of things floating.  Lots of bubbles, and plenty of fizz.  Even things that oozed and glittered.  Why do things float, sink, bubble or fizz?  Something to do with air, molecules and chemical reactions.  We all enjoyed each and every demonstration, children and teachers alike.  Every child did well with their own demonstration, showing focus, curiosity and self-confidence.  The photo links were emailed to all families at the end of each week.  Now back from the break, beading, sewing, lacing and Practical Life activities have resumed in full force.  As always, phonics, language arts, and mathematics will be a group and individual focus until the end of the school year in June.

Since September, our continent studies have taken us all over North America and Europe.  Every child made a pine cone hedgehog (pine cones collected from our playground pine tree), and the pre-K children have all finished their Europe animal books.  Our last week before Spring Break was spent in Italy, and the last two days of classes had snack time pizza parties hot from the oven.  Yum!  Studies picked up the first day back from the break.  Thank you Alistair for bringing us French lavender from his spring break Paris vacation.  The classroom smells amazing and we got to revisit Europe before we move on to the next continent.  Our travels will now take us to the many fascinating animals and places across Asia.

Our cookie bake sale fundraiser was a big success.  During the last week of classes before Spring Break, the children were told about the state of affairs in Ukraine, at an age appropriate level.  One child said that Russia needs a time out.  We decided to have a cookie bake sale to help Ukrainian children access the things that they need, such as food and water. The children took turns helping to measure and mix the cookie dough and many dozens of cookies were baked over two days.  We sold the cookies at $2.00 each, but so many of you donated more.  We sold out on day three with $523.50 in sales.  The funds were donated to the Unicef Ukraine Emergency Fund, with some wonderful anonymous person matching our donation.  Our hearts are full.  Thank you all.  Many have asked us for the recipe.  The oatmeal-raisin cookie recipe was borrowed from The Flourist Bakery.  We substituted chocolate chips for the raisins.

April is Earth month, and so we will begin our recycling segment for Earth Week with the children bringing in clean items for the recycling bin.  We have a clean classroom bin and bags that we use to allow children to fill and sort, and this becomes part of the classroom materials for the month.  We will begin seedlings once the weather warms.  Always busy times around here.  Speaking of re-use and re-cycle, does anyone know if the Metro-Van Repair Cafes are returning?  Brilliant idea, but not seen for a while now.

Future dates to note (to the school year end):

  • Friday, April 15th … Good Friday Holiday (school will be closed)
  • Monday, April 18th … Easter Monday Holiday (school will be closed)
  • Monday, April 25th … District Pro-D Day (school will be closed)
  • Monday, May 23rd … Victoria Day Holiday (school will be closed)
  • Friday, May 27th … Teddy Bear Picnic (all students attend … more info in May)
  • Thursday, June 23rd … Family Picnic & Sports Day (all students & families attend … more info in June)

Thursday, June 23rd will be our last day together for this school year.  We have booked our usual and favourite venue.  Yay!  This will be our first group gathering since December 2019.  These gatherings are so much fun, so important, and have been so missed.

Two years ago we had the longest Spring Break in history.  We left for the break in mid-March 2020 and were not able to return.  Children were prohibited from attending school or playing on playground equipment.  Streets were weirdly silent without traffic and people.  The border was locked down.  It was terrifying.  We re-opened in June 2020 to navigate in a new and unknown world.  Finally we can look at these past two years through a rear view mirror.  Covid is not gone, but things are getting better and hopefully will continue in this fashion.  Operating a child care facility has always had its challenges, but the pandemic placed us on a whole new level.  Aside from teaching, guiding and caring, our job was to ensure that the children had a safe and healthy space to grow emotionally and socially.  It was also our job to reassure parents that their most precious babes will be healthy, safe and happy in our care.  Here at the preschool, we did not have a case of Covid to report until the highly transmissible Omicron variant this past January of 2022.  Vancouver Coastal Health was astonished that our January report was the first case we had in the two years.  Many child care facilities and schools had to close due to the spread.  We did not have to close for a single day.  This is a shared achievement, as every parent, grandparent and family member also had to find a way through.  Whatever you did kept us safe.  On the second anniversary of the most frightening time in our preschool history, I wish to personally thank each and every family for being so vigilant about staying home when in doubt, and reporting back to us when results came in.  It is because of you that we were able to keep our doors open and the children safe.  We are so very, very grateful to you all.  It takes a village.  Thank you for being an AMAZING village.  Our hearts are full.