May 2022

May has been an incredibly busy month and it’s not slowing down. Our study of Asia is now over and we shift over to summer related topics and activities for the last weeks of our school year.  Our travels took us over the many different places, landmarks and buildings of Asia, and the many different cultures. A variety of traditional shoes and clothing from many Asian cultures were available to try on and touch. As always, the unique animals of the continent was our main focus.  We learned about pandas, the Bactrian camel, the Komodo dragon, and the Tarsier. The proboscis monkey was a favourite, with a nose so long that it must be physically moved out of the way in order to eat. For a special snack, the children helped make vegetarian sushi with avocado, carrots and cucumber. It has been a fun and exciting journey. As always, the Pre-K children did animal workbooks for Asia which go home when completed.

Insects play a big role in spring and with earth studies. Caterpillars are delivered every May, and we were all able to witness the caterpillars each form into a chrysalis. The butterflies started to emerge from their chrysalises yesterday. The butterflies are released when the weather is warm enough for them to fly away. Front row nature study. The children also made paper butterflies using dye in pincer grip eyedroppers, which will go home when the real butterflies start to emerge (a bit of a celebration). We apologize for all the glitter, however it is an addition that makes these paper butterflies dazzle. We too have the great joy of cleaning glitter out of every nook and cranny for months to come.

We hope all of our Mums and Grands had a wonderful Mother’s Day. It seems like a long time ago, but it has only been three weeks. The children each made all-natural and compostable food wrap alternatives from two sheets of cotton for the Mother’s Day gift. With so much talk about Earth awareness, it seemed like a useful and appropriate project. The children painted a mixture of beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin onto the cotton pieces (the classroom smelled fantastic).  Each piece of cotton was placed between two pieces of parchment and ironed for even coverage.  These handy little items can be re-used for up to a year depending on how well and often they are used. The care instructions were attached to each gift.  Ready for a crafty adventure?  The beeswax kits can be found at an amazing little shop called Bee Cee Wicks and Wax (, or if you don’t have the time to make your own, you can purchase premade wraps such as Abeego. Everything used in this project was compostable, even those cute cotton sheets (at the end of life usage). We hope everyone enjoys using them.

Friday, May 27th was the Teddy Bear Picnic. All children attended that day with their favourite plus one teddy or stuffie. The classroom was decorated with many beehives (paper lanterns) hanging from the ceiling, gingham tablecloths, jars of daisies and plaid picnic blankets at Circle. The teddy bear photo booth is a joyful memento to share with family and friends. The children made little cardstock picnic baskets and then decorated cupcakes. The baskets were lined with red and white checked paper, which held the cupcakes to take home at the end of class. A teddy bear parade led up to the special teddy bear snack time, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. A huge thank you to Laura (Malia’s mum) for so kindly offering to make all the yummy cupcakes and the buttercream frosting, as well as the organic blueberry jelly teddy bears. Dee-licious!  All in all it was a fun day with scrumptious picnic lunch, and amazing cupcakes

May is an incredible month where children are combining skills and knowledge at such a fast
pace. It is truly amazing to witness. Math, science and language arts are in full force, geometric
puzzles (harder than you think) are being completed with speed and accuracy. Wow! Thank you Owen for gifting the preschool a set of new story books. Books are always welcome and will be used for years to come. Play medical kits are popular with the children, and they all seem to know how to give and take Covid tests. A true sign of our times. Thank you Mila for wearing your Rey Skywalker outfit on May 4th. May the fourth be with you. Thank you to Miss Lori for picking up the cutest tea set at Dilly Dally for the classroom. The children are holding regular tea parties which includes skills in manners, waiting turns, serving guests and being respectful participants.  Thank you Kash for bringing in a big kit of beads for the classroom. The bead kits were received with great enthusiasm from all the beading fanatics, which is basically everyone.

We feel life returning to normal with every passing month. Families have been leaving town for vacations abroad and we are hearing of big plans for that long awaited summer. Looking back to 2020, we realize how much we have gone through, and how well we have managed. We all want normal to return, but there are a few things we should truly hang on to. A very old word ‘commensal’ popped up in a May 2020 National Geographic article (at the heart of the lockdown).  “Family dinners are back. Sitting down and eating together was once such an integral part of family life that there’s even a word for it… commensality. Somewhere in the second half of the 20th century, family dinners lost their prominence. The hectic nature of modern life sent parents and kids in multiple directions. Now, dinner is disrupted again… in a good way.  The COVID-19 crisis and stay-at-home defensive quarantines have brought family dining back in style.”   In the classroom, the children are finally back to eating in polite groups at snack time, with good manners and respect for each other.  Social dining and tea parties are truly wonderful things. Yay!

Wednesday, June 22nd will be the last day of classes for the year. Our last day together is Thursday, June 23rd with our year end picnic and sports day.  We gather the children and do a
head count at 11am, with the races starting shortly after. Notices and pizza order forms go home this week which must be returned by June 17th. All details are on the form. We ask that all families bring a potluck item to share with the group. The potluck sign-up sheet will be available at the school door on Monday. Everyone is welcome on this day, parents, grands, siblings, and friends. The more the merrier.