ALL-DAY MONTESSORI  … September 2024

School closes in August and re-opens on the first Tuesday after Labour Day in September.  Classes run daily through to July 31st, with one break during Christmas week.  Half day classes are no longer offered.  We continue to have two day, three day and five day choices for all-day preschool with a progressive Montessori curriculum.  Class size is 16 children per class.  Current tuition rates are posted on Fee Schedule page.

Registration for September 2024 starts in mid-January with returning children and siblings.  Only families offered spaces will be contacted directly.  As this is a small school and most families return, we do not expect many spaces to open.  We will not be hosting an Open House. 

We are currently at capacity for the this school year and for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year.  However, families move and needs may change.  Please fill in your information on the Contact Us page to be placed on the waitlist.  You may call the school for any further information not listed on this site, or to set up a visit.  Please call 604.569.2169

You will never know how wonderful a Montessori classroom can be, until your child has had the joy of this amazing experience.

See some of the children’s projects on Instagram @strathconamontessori


In today’s world, it is important that Maria Montessori’s vision of tolerance, acceptance, love, appreciation of beauty, kindness, respect and peace is stronger than ever. Our goal is to support children develop creatively, intellectually, emotionally and socially, in order to prepare them for kindergarten. Our two-year program introduces children to a strong foundation of personal and social skills. We welcome young minds and families to the joys of a Montessori education.

Some believe that Montessori programs are structured environments.  They are not.  Quite the opposite.  Montessori methodology is child-directed with the teacher as a guide, rather than many other early childhood programs which are adult directed. The Montessori approach fosters independence which promotes self-confidence. The confident child is more resilient and learns to problem solve independently.  Self-motivated learning is the core of the Montessori program and philosophy.  Students in our classroom move about freely, with our belief that children need to roam, touch and experience in order to learn.  This is referred to as freedom within boundaries.  Socialization is also a major focus, guiding children on appropriate ways to make and keep friendships.  Along with traditional Montessori materials, we blend other inspirational teaching tools to merge and compliment the Montessori framework, along with our cultural studies curriculum.  Ours is a distinct and unique program.

Strathcona Montessori preschool is nestled within the gated community of the Mau Dan Co-op Gardens in the historic Strathcona neighbourhood. Located at 377 Keefer Street, we are centrally located with easy access from the East Village at Nanaimo and Hastings, Chinatown, Yaletown, Gastown, and Vancouver City Centre.

Information about child care and Covid-19 from BC’s Centre for Disease Control can be found here.


Telephone: 604.569.2169