Fee Schedule




 Parents are only given a registration package when a space is open and offered.  The registration package must completed in full and returned within 48 hours..  Space is secured when the registration package is returned with all forms completed, along with the registration fee and deposit.  The tuition deposit will be used towards the last month of attendance (July).  The registration fee and tuition deposit are non-refundable.  

The BC Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative offers all families up to a maximum of $545 off tuition fees.  This coverage is at a daily basis with a maximum of 21 days per month. This works out to be $27.25 per day of attendance (including sick days).  Parents do not need to apply, as all paperwork is done through our centre.

The BC Affordable Child Care Benefit for tuition is open to all families and based on a sliding scale for family income.  The ceiling $111,000 a year family income.  Applications forms from our facility are available upon request during the time of enrollment, or anytime after.  BC Child Care Benefits follow the family and can be transferred from one facility to another.  There is an online calculator to estimate benefits.


Monthly tuition will fluctuate due to the BC Fee Reduction Initiative and Affordable Childcare Benefit.  Monthly payments are accepted after the Fee Reduction Initiative is totalled and accounted, as well as the Affordable Childcare Benefit (if applicable).  Please enquire if you would prefer yearly payments, instead of monthly installments.

The following fees are for children ages 3 years to school age, and before deductions of Child Care Initiatives and Benefits.

2 Days – Tuesday & Thursday 

$741.00 monthly

3 Days – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

$1,112.00 monthly

5 Days – Monday to Friday 

$1,433.00 monthly

The following fees are for children ages 30 to 35 months of age, and before deductions of Child Care Initiatives and Benefits.

2 Days – Tuesday and Thursday


3 Days – Monday, Wednesday & Friday

$1,380.00 monthly

5 Days – Monday through Friday

$1,800.00 monthly

The BC Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative is offered to all families with children (under school ages) attending all-day programs.  The reduction is $27.25 per day, to a maximum amount is $545 per month amortized over 21 days.  Parents do not need to apply.  The application process and monthly paperwork is issued through our office and government offices in Victoria.

The BC Child Care Benefit is for BC families with children registered in BC Child Care programs.  Benefit amounts work on a sliding scale according to each family income.  The ceiling for family income applicants is $111,000 per year.  Please ask us about an application form at the time of registration.  It only takes a few minutes.

At the time of enrolment parents sign a contract agreeing to the hours of operation of the school.  Parents and caregivers must be punctual to ensure the program runs smoothly for all children including their own.  The drop offs times are between 8am and 9am.  Pick-up times are between 4:00pm and 5:00pm.  Parents should inform the Facility when alternate timing for early pick-ups or late drop-offs.

This Facility closes at 5pm.  There is an expectation for all families to respect the teachers and their time.  They have families too.  Late fees will be charged if a child is picked up late more than three times.  Habitual lateness will result in withdrawal from the program.

Tuition is based on a yearly fee, which can be made in monthly installments. Exemptions from tuition are not available for absences, including illness and vacation time.  Tuition is not exempt for closures.  Closures include holidays and breaks listed on the School Calendar.  All closures will be given notice with the exception of short notice closures (weather, epidemic health issues, staff shortages due to epidemic health issues), which the Facility has no control over.

All returned cheques are subject to a penalty of $50.00 each.